Updates in the life of Gitential

Updates in the life of Gitential

Dear Friends and Users,

We are extremely happy to announce some important enhancements in the growth and development of Gitential with the start of 2020!

As a project manager or developer, you can look forward to a busy and very exciting new year with Gitential to shake up the Software Development Industry. You can expect regular updates from us as they unfold. For your immediate awareness, the list below identifies developments, improvements and changes already in effect, or rolling out shortly.

  • Newly raised Investment Funding is enabling us to focus more heavily on helping software engineering organizations to work more effectively with Git analytics, and more! We will share more about our investors and company direction in the upcoming newsletters.

  • We will update our EULA and License terms to better align with legal requirements.

  • Our roadmap has been refreshed and adjusted to enable better engineering quality.

  • You will see new features and options in your dashboard that you can use to improve your team’s quality and performance.

So, we have a lot to talk about as we continue the journey of empowering Software Engineering Organizations and teams to achieve greater quality and productivity!

Of course, your feedback is always valued and we’d love to hear about it !

Best Regards,
Zoltan Peresztegi
Co-founder & CEO

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